French Minor/Major steps to take: FRENCH PROGRAM BROCHURE PDF

1/ Complete Minor/Major Form (see below); 18-Credit Minor Form; 24-Credit Minor Form 

2/ Consult with a French Adviser: Drs. LaLonde, Aada, or Irmianu

3/ Declare your Minor/Major to a UTRGV adviser.

PDF Form to complete-Major-See Drs. LaLonde & Irmianu (B.A.program phased out by May '17)

An Overview:

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a Minor in French requires from 18 to 24 hours in French, 6 or 12 of which must be upper division.  Students with high school credits in French could be “tested out” or waived from taking either a semester or two semesters of French.  Students with no previous knowledge of French would be required to complete 18 or 24 hours (12 lower division, and either 6 or 12 credits upper division) for the minors in French.

Why Study French?

  • In an increasingly global economy, knowledge of French may help in a business career.
  • If you are in an education profession, a French minor could expand your teaching qualifications.
  • Studying French offers an encounter with a myriad of artistic, literary, and philosophical treasures that may expand the mind.
  • Study abroad opportunities are available for the semester or for the summer

Course Requirements:

A/ French Lower-Division Courses (Four Courses=12 credits) 
1-FREN 1311
2-FREN 1312
3-FREN 2311
4-FREN 2312

B/ French Upper-Division Courses FOR THE 18 CREDIT MINOR (TWO Courses=6 credits)
5-FREN 3337or 3321-Advanced Grammar and Composition I
6-ANY Advanced French Course (see list below)

C/ French Upper-Division Courses FOR THE 24 CREDIT MINOR (FOUR Courses=12 credits)
5-FREN 3337or 3321-Advanced Grammar and Composition I
6-FREN 3330 French-English Translation
7-ANY TWO Advanced French Courses (see list below) 

D/ This is a list of frequently offered advanced courses:
Please note that you are required to take only ONE advanced course from this list:
FREN 3322 or 3312 Advance Grammar and Composition II                                                                  
FREN 4321 French Francophone Literature (literary genres)                       
FREN 4322 Survey of French Literature I                                                       
FREN 4323 French for the Profession                                                          
FREN 4324 French Civilization I (from prehistorical time to 18th century)      
FREN 4325 French Civilization II  (French Revolution to present time)         
FREN 4326 Survey of French Literature II                                                                                        
FREN 4331 Theater practice in French
FREN 4339 Topics in French Language, Literature and Culture  
French Enlightenment; Existentialism & 20th Century French Literature; Psychoanalytic Theory & French Literary Heroines;  French Nature Writing and the Nature of Writing (FREN 4339 may be taken up to three times as topic varies).
Please visit with the French Academic Advisers to declare your French Minor:

Br'ville--Dr. Suzanne LaLonde

Br'ville--Dr. Khalid Aada

Ed'burg--Dr. Irina Armianu 


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