• ENGL 2341 Introduction to Literature "Nature Writing & the Nature of Writing" 
  • ENGL 2341 Introduction to Literature "World Drama & Health Humanities" 


  • Graduate Nineteenth Century French Literature–FREN 5319
  • Honors Senior Summit–HONS 4305 "Medical Humanities III: Scenes from the Clinic: Clinicians on Stage" (spring 2023)
  • Honors European Art History–HONS 3305
  • Honors Integrated Science and Humanities, co-taught with biology professor and former Dean Michael San Francisco–HONS 2406
  • Honors and Standard French Culture--FREN 2390 "Paris and Its Revolutionary Ideas"
  • Honors First-year Seminar in the Humanities–HONS 1301 "Medical Humanities I: World Literature & Global Health" 


  • Graduate Literary Theory for graduate students of Spanish (in Spanish and English)
  • French Enlightenment (senior seminar in English)
  • Nature Writing and the Nature of Writing (senior seminar in English)
  • Psychoanalytic Theory and French Literary Heroines (senior seminar in English)
  • Existentialism and the Twentieth-Century French Novel (senior seminar in English)
  • Narratives of Illness and Reflective Writing (for pre-med majors in English)
  • World Literature and Global Health (for pre-med majors in English)
  • Introduction to French and Francophone Literature: Nature Writing and the Nature of Writing (undergraduate core course in English)
  • Paris and Its Revolutionary Ideas (in Paris and in English)
  • Fundamentals of Creative and Critical Thinking in Art (in Paris and in English)
  • French Intimate Literature (in French)
  • French Literature I (Middle Ages–Enlightenment) (in French)
  • French Theater (in French) (public staging of Le Petit Prince link)
  • French and Francophone Film (in French)
  • Francophone Literature (in French)
  • Business French: A Literary Portrait of Capitalism (in French)
  • French-Spanish Culture (in French and Spanish)
  • Advanced French Grammar and Composition I and II (traditional and online in French)
  • French-English Translation
  • Intermediate French I and II (“French Short Story” in French)
  • Beginning French I and II
  • Beginning Spanish I and II


  • TTU Honors Thesis Committee Member–B.A. student Katelyn Lilley, Fall 2021
  • UTRGV Graduate Thesis Director–M.A. student in Spanish, Erin Knobloch, 2014-2016
  • UTRGV Honors Thesis Director–B.A. student in Biology, Raj Siddique, 2015-2016
  • UTB Graduate Thesis Committee Member–M.A. student in Spanish, Mara Theodoritsi, 2013-2014.
  • UTB Graduate Advisor–five M.A. students from the Sorbonne University, Paris, 2009-2013
  • UTB/UTRGV Advisor to French Minors (~30 students enrolled annually at UTB and ~60 at UTRGV) 2006-2018

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